Client: Buick

In sponsoring The Rogers Cup - an annual professional tennis tournament held in Canada - Buick’s goal was to use this high-profile event to build positive opinion around its brand.

The iOS game was created to give consumers the chance to be at the heart of the action, allowing them the play three serves of tennis with their score pushed to an API the results of which are collated and shown in on-site live feeds in both the Montreal and Toronto locations.

The Rogers Cup takes place annually in Toronto and Montreal simultaniously. We created a lite weight game app for ipad built using phonegap, and a animated display terminal which aggregated scores and information from the game. The game was pretty simple, you just had to tap the player when the varying serve scale was in the right position, a different position when touched would cause the ball to be served at different speeds. The objective is to get it as close to maximum speed as possible in 3 tries without serving the ball out of the court. When finished, the player enters their initials, and their name, score, and resident city are displayed in both cities simultaniously.The idea is that people from Toronto and Montreal could compete against each other. Higher scores cause the averages to go up for the city, wheras lower scores would pull the average down.

To promote the app, players were given the app to use while on their way to site.